Discover templates, worksheets, and other tools to help you integrate the Elesi Design System in your work

Design Pattern Library

A collection of reusable elements that address commonly-occurring challenges to learning experience design. These patterns can be used in workshops, online courses, and other formats of learning experiences.

LX Blocks

A prototyping tool to help designers generate ideas and build the flow of a learning experience. 

The blocks are inspired by the work of Diana Laurillard in her book, Teaching as a Design Science. 

Design Space

A workspace that provides guide prompts and collaboration tools to aid learning experience designers during a project. The workspace also stores the team’s progress, notes, and inspiration pegs.

Check this example out!

Elesi Design Space - FB Digital Tayo Teachers

Design Library

A database of resources that can help you design clear, inclusive, human, and inspiring learning experiences. This library is continuously being updated!

Tech Tool Kodigo

A reference board to help LX designers select technology tools and platforms for particular learning experiences.


A rapid assessment tool to help designers evaluate the quality of their learning experiences based on the design principles.