Design Principles

We articulated our design principles to make more purposeful work. Once we defined what we mean with well-designed learning experiences, we found it easier to aim for.

Malinaw / Clear

Unified. Understandable. Directed. Learning experiences should be easy to understand and follow, leaving minimal space for doubt and confusion. We focus on what is essential without sacrificing nuance.

Kasya Lahat / Inclusive

Accessible. Fair. Universally designed. Learning experiences should respect and take into account the diversity of our learners. We utilize multiple modes, formats, and ways of engagement to reduce barriers to learning.

Makatao / Human

Authentic. Participatory. Adaptive. Learning experiences should bring out the creative confidence in our learners. We provide space for our learners to personalize and actualize their learning experience.

Nagsusulong / Inspiring

Meaningful. Exciting. Aspirational. Learning experiences should bring out a positive experience in learning. We provide experiences that stick and move our learners to action.

During the design process, we use them to generate ideas and assess our progress. At the end of a project, we go back to these principles to reflect on our work, and harvest insights which can inform future work.

We have four main design principles: Malinaw / Clear, Kasya lahat / Inclusive, Makatao / Human, and Nagsusulong / Inspiring. We described each principle by identifying how it might look like in various elements of learning experiences.

Design Principles in Action

Here are examples of how the design principles were applied in real projects:

Community Learning Hubs with the Office of the Vice President
OVP Community Learning Hubs - Habi Design Principles in Action

Teach the Future workshops with Globe

Globe Teach the Future Workshops - Habi Design Principles in Action

Eye health videos with Fred Hollows Foundation Philippines

Fred Hollows Foundation Eye Health Videos- Habi Design Principles in Action

The Habi Onboarding Program

Habi Design Principles in Action_The Habi Onboarding Program

Handang Heroes with Japan Foundation

LX Design Story - Handang Heroes