Let's build better learning experiences

Elesi is Habi Education Lab's open-source design system for creating learning experiences. By sharing our internal tools and templates, we hope to build a movement of like-minded educators with a shared language for well-designed learning.

If you are preparing for a training program, crafting a lesson plan, developing modules, or designing any other type of learning experience, Elesi is here. Use our collection of principles, stories, templates, and tools to help you get started.

Why Elesi?

An Elesi is a propeller, a turbine. 

A good metaphor for how we design: constantly iterating and forward-moving.

How can I use Elesi?

Elesi is built in a way that allows Learning Experience Designers to use the design tools independently. Check the Join Us tab for other ways to stay connected with other Elesi users.

Theories and frameworks that guide our ways of designing

Our definition of well-designed learning experiences

Worksheets, materials, and guides to simplify the design process